• Jesus tells His followers to, “go make disciples of all nations” in Matthew 28:19-20. What is He telling Christians to do?

  • Multiple the life of Jesus: We are to be Christ-like, and are to help others do the same.

  • Identify with His people: Baptism is an outward physical sign of an inward spiritual transformation.

  • Obey His commands: Jesus gives us the perfect roadmap for life, and He expects us to follow it.

  • Trust His faithfulness: He promises to be with us to the end.


  • Sunday School. We dive into the Bible to learn who God is and how we can live for Him. Our study is engaging and we have a great time learning together.
  • Worship Service. Our worship is vibrant and lively. We are not ashamed to Give Jesus the praise! We pray to God passionately and communicate with each other affectionately. The Word of God is the highlight of our service as pastors preach Biblical sermons that are culturally relevant.
  • Next Level. Wednesday nights are designed to help us grow deeper in the Word of God. We learn how to share our faith and how to live in a world that can be unfriendly to us.


TLC are in-home small group Bible study groups for adults. These groups are designed to help you become all that God purposed you to be. They are a loving environment where brothers and sisters in Christ help each other to work through the challenges of living for God. These groups are also a source for pastoral care, nurturing, and community service. TLC groups are the center point for making disciples at River’s Edge Fellowship.  For more information click here.