Disciples Path


Disciple-Making is the lifeline of the church. Not only did God command us to go and make disciples, but we find that It is the only way to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and to grow believers for living and serving. The Disciple’s Path is our step by step process for investing in people for Kingdom growth.


The Disciple’s Path is the life-long engagement in the Christian community that includes personal interactions from one-on-one teaching, small groups, and church ministries. Living and serving in the Christian community is what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.

  • Disciple-making materials

The basis for our one-on-one and small group discipleship is The Disciple’s Path, Books 1 & 2. We encourage every member of River’s Edge to sign up for the Disciple’s Path. These two books accomplish three things; (1) teaches more in-depth the basics of the faith (2) builds important relationships with mature believers (3) teaches how to replicate what you’ve learned. 


  • Church-Based Meetings. Regular meetings and activities at the church are considered an important part of discipleship. Fellowship of the saints isn’t just good, it is necessary to grow in the faith. Sunday school classes and Wednesday Bible Study provide different approaches to learning and fellowship. Worship Services and prayer services teach people how to honor, relate, and communicate with God. These are all necessary for the Christian to grow.


  • Serving. The culmination of The Disciple’s Path is to point people to serving in the church and in their neighborhoods. This is where The Leader’s Path plays a role in disciple-making. We interject regularly along the way that “a healthy disciple is a serving disciple”.


What does The Disciple’s Path @ REF look like?

Step one: Become a Christian or REF Member (complete The Member’s Path)

Sep Two: Attend a small Group- TLC, Sunday School, or both (The Disciple’s Path)

Step Three: One-on-one or smaller group using The Disciple’s Path, Book 1&2

Step Four: Ready to lead, continue to grow- The Leader’s Path & The Disciple’s Path continued


For more information about being a disciple of Jesus Christ click here.