Leaders Path


The Leader’s Path comprises three steps of engagement for members and non-members. Each step includes qualifications, expectations, and suggested responsibilities with the aim of moving people from one step to the next. This is designed to provide an objective, knowable path to ministry engagement and membership development. 


Step One: Helpers

Helpers are members and friends who express a desire to get involved in serving in some capacity. They are given in the moment responsibilities in and around the church and at special events.  


Helpers are always encouraged to grow spiritually and in their commitment to the local church. Non-members are encouraged to join a church, if they are not members of a church. Members are to be pointed to The Disciple’s Road as the next steps for spiritual growth and greater ministry involvement. They should be affirmed that their growth will show their readiness for greater responsibility. 


Step Two: Workers 

Workers are members of REF who are ready to take on regular responsibilities. They are trained and equipped for the area of ministry they align with. 


Workers may be REF members who are new to our church but have some previous ministry experience, or members who previously haven’t been involved who want to step up. They may be somewhat inconsistent in attendance still but are showing willingness, teachability, and a godly attitude. They must be actively involved in The Disciple’s Path and showing progress. 


Step Three: Leaders 

Leaders are those members of REF who pursue service at the highest levels. They are those people who serve in helping others to reach their potential and make important decisions regarding the direction for ministry. These individuals work alongside the Elders and other leaders to help the church reach its full potential for God. 


They will commit to training and development requirements and growing as a disciple of Jesus Christ.


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